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AudioExpert v15.0.0.1555
29 Jun 2017
Editorial review
AudioExpert v12.3.1.1443
24 Mar 2016
AudioExpert v12.2.0.1425
11 Feb 2016
AudioExpert v12.1.0.1397
3 Jan 2016
AudioExpert v12.0.1.1372
26 Oct 2015
AudioExpert v11.6.0.1317
4 Sep 2015
AudioExpert v11.5.0.1302
8 Jul 2015
AudioExpert v11.4.0.1298
21 May 2015
AudioExpert v11.3.0.1287
16 Apr 2015
AudioExpert v11.2.0.1279
16 Mar 2015
AudioExpert v10.3.3.1196
15 Jul 2014
AudioExpert v10.2.3.1154
11 Mar 2014
AudioExpert v10.1.0.1140
25 Mar 2014
AudioExpert v10.0.1.1116
27 Nov 2013
AudioExpert v9.6.3.1112
29 Apr 2013
AudioExpert v9.5.2.1009
4 Jan 2013
AudioExpert v9.0.9.900
4 May 2012
AudioExpert v8.1.2.768
19 Jan 2012
AudioExpert v8.0
15 Dec 2011
AudioExpert v7.3
11 Nov 2011
AudioExpert v7.2.1.698
26 Oct 2011
AudioExpert v7.1.1.667
15 Aug 2011
AudioExpert v6.3.0.594
20 Jun 2011
AudioExpert v6.2.0.555
2 May 2011
AudioExpert v6.1.0.540
31 Mar 2011
AudioExpert v6.0.0.522
1 Mar 2011
AudioExpert v5.5
27 Jan 2011
AudioExpert v5.4.0.471
19 Jan 2011
AudioExpert v5.3
12 Jan 2011
AudioExpert v5.2
27 Dec 2010
AudioExpert v5.1
6 Dec 2010
Editorial review
AudioExpert v5.0
16 Nov 2010
AudioExpert v4.5
7 Sep 2010
AudioExpert v4.0
15 Aug 2010
AudioExpert v2.1.0.288
20 Feb 2010

What's new

v11.6.0.1317 [4 Sep 2015]
Settings Dialog
The settings dialog was completely becoming dated. It is now clearer and also has a filter function for easy finding options
In addition, the settings have been refined for the treatment of duplicates, so now can be adjusted in greater detail, which duplicate should be assumed by default.
Compare actual bitrate
Who does not want to rely on the (easy to "counterfeiting") indicating the bit rate in the File Information, for some time now can compare the actual bit rate. With this version of the analysis area is freely configurable, so you can also examine the entire file when needed.
Archive duplicates
In the "duplicates the last import check", you now have the option of copying the identified duplicates in a folder of choice. So you can archive the recognized Doubles as a backup before the transfer run.
The "Tools> Database Tools" menu was hoisted a level and is now available as a "Database Tools" directly in the menu bar
Search Best albums
This function now determine not only the best album but also the matching track number of songs
Automatic detection Compilations
Under certain circumstances, compilations were not immediately recognized during import and the title ended up mistakenly held in the Artists in the same album
Search in database
In the "Search in database" were with the menu called "Add to playlist" only the first titles possibly added merhrfach
If the "fade" option was not active, possibly was stopped playing between tracks
Delete empty directories
Sometimes empty directories remained, although they would actually delete them. This was caused by a "timing" problem.

v8.1.2.768 [19 Jan 2012]
You are allowed to handle max. 5,000 titles
Changing the database via the menu is not supported
The AutoTagging feature is limited

v5.1 [6 Dec 2010]
The version 5.1.0 includes the following enhancements:
If you had imported the identical file more than once to different folders in AudioExpert and committed your changes using the option "Move/Delete files", only the first file was moved - the second one failed, because the file was already moved. As of this version, the tracks will be duplicated in this case.
Metadata (e.g. Covers or Playlists) that could not be assigned to exactly one artist or album will NOT be copied or moved on commit. They will remain in the original location. In case of a playlist, the playlist itself will be adopted nevertheless.
Performance optimizaion on renaming or deleting artists or albums.
The following bugs were fixed:
Sometimes empty folders remained after commiting changes when using option "move/delete files"
The settings for ID3V2 Format/Encoding were not applied correctly. The tags were always written in ANSI format
If you moved a whole folder to a differen hierarchy level, the associated tracks were not set to preview and therefore they were not moved within the next commit process
The button "Show errors" after a commit run (that contained errors) did not work properly
Wrong time information on normalizing the loudness of tracks
Removing the normalization information of normalized tracks did not work correctly
The errordetection was improved so it does detect more possibly errors
Within the view "Show deleted files" an error came up in case the list contained a deleted sampler folder.

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