Keep your music collection neatly organized and your tracks fully tagged

The Web holds a plethora of audio-related tools and apps. Some will help you clean your music collection of duplicates, others will tag your audio tracks properly, and some others will burn your favorite tracks to disc for you. AudioExpert is capable of performing all those tasks and then more, all under one single interface. With support for the most common audio formats and tags, this may well become the only tool you will ever need to organize and make the most of your audio collection.

This impressively extensive functionality has its tolls, though. Getting the hang of it is easy enough, but if you intend to make the most of its many features and functions, you will need to put more than just a few minutes into it. As expected, the app’s interface is full of menus, submenus, options, settings, tools, etc., trying to cover its endless possibilities in the most organized way possible. AudioExpert offers a mixture of basic audio cataloging tools and expert-oriented functions that may scare away the casual user. Actually, it is just a matter of time and of focusing on what you expected to get from the app, leaving aside those features you don’t really need.

The program can import as many music archives and as many tracks as required. It claims to have dealt with 100,000 MP3 files in a couple of hours, which is certainly impressive. While importing your music collections, the app will check for possible duplicates and will list them for you at the end of the process. It will use the MD5 hash sum, the file tags, the bit rates, the stereo modes, the track’s length, and even the sampling rate to compare your music tracks to make sure that no dupe goes unnoticed and that you always make the best-informed decisions. As a bonus, advanced users can always take a look at the frequency spectrum of a given track to check for its true quality and avoid hidden transcodes.

Tagging your collection properly is just as important, if not more. AudioExpert offers you various tag-related utilities, such as a fully-configurable filename-to-tag importer, a manual tag editor, or the possibility to connect to the most reputed online databases (Discogs, MusicBrainz, etc.) in search for the right tags, album cover and lyrics included.

AudioExpert can certainly be used by a wide variety of users, though not all of them will be able to exploit all of its possibilities fully without a steep learning curve. The high level of comprehensiveness that the app offers, together with its wide range of options and settings, turn some of its functions into full-featured apps in themselves. This is both the beauty and the challenge of AudioExpert.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Suitable for large collections
  • Automatic duplicate detection
  • Support for ID tags
  • Automatic selection of best-quality tracks
  • Searches for tags in reputed online music catalogs
  • Automatic track renaming
  • Audio player with graphic equalizer


  • Requires a learning curve to grasp all of its functionality
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